Theaters Are Lying To You About ‘Birth of a Nation’ — Check This Out

Posted On : 10/29/2016

Although Tyler Perry’s movie showed a significant win over Birth of a Nation, things aren’t what they seem. There’s trickery at work.

— Wilmington, Delaware

One man has braved the odds in order to point out the lies theaters tell regarding Nate Parker’s movie.

There appears to be a biased agenda at play, intended to misguide Birth of a Nation‘s audience.

But, of course, you probably knew this was happening.

“See ‘The Accountant’ Instead”

According to a viral Facebook video from Devon Walls, Brandywine Regal theater is one of possibly many cinemas around the United States lying to patrons about Nate Parker’s movie.

Devon states the staff told him the movie was sold out. He also mentions thinking it was weird that it’d be sold out on a Tuesday evening. However, maybe it was true, right?


After being recommended The Accountant — a Ben Affleck film — Devon figured he’d take a peek into Birth of a Nation‘s screening room, just to see its “sold out” fullness.

Guess how many people were in the theater.

According to Devon, four. Four people.

And as Devon mentions, those four told him the staff also lied to them in saying the movie was sold out — and, similarly, they decided to go in the room anyway.

This issue struck a particular nerve with Devon, and he wasn’t having it.

Back to the Lobby to Raise Hell

On his way back to the lobby, he explained the situation to his viewers. That’s where the following video comes into play.

It was an interesting encounter once he approached the ticket counter. You can watch the video for yourself below.

As you can see, the cashier notified the manager. Yet, once Devon questioned him, he even noted that the movie wasn’t sold out.

Instead, after trying to recover from the lie of Birth of a Nation being sold out, the manager unwittingly states that the theater was intending on replacing it with Boo! A Madea Halloween.

Catching Hell

Since Devon’s video started circulating social media, this particular Regal theater has been catching it from all angles.

Company executives have spoken with different media syndicates about it, stating that racial bias has “absolutely nothing to do with the decision.”

Supposedly, as the manager mentioned during his explanation, the theater was changing movies but decided to add another Birth of a Nation showing at the last minute.

Obviously, that’s not something many people find believable.

Yet, all in all, what are your thoughts about it? Feel free to share your comments below.

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